Ready to Start Your Marketing Makeover? Here’s What You Need

Ready to Start Your Marketing Makeover? Here’s What You Need

by Shepard Morrow October 15, 2017

In my guided consultations, clients often ask…

“What do I need to do to get started with my marketing makeover?”

Often, that’s the hardest part – getting started. You need to get the ball rolling.

Before I get into the data gathering, I want to say that first and foremost you need:

An openness to the process.

That’s so important. Without that, there’s not much point in the rest, right?

You’re embarking on this journey to grow your business. Realize the lifestyle you envisioned.

You can only do that if you’re open to the process.

You can make change and maintain the status quo. It simply doesn’t work.

You’re here. You’re reading this. That means you’re likely on board.

Hold onto that goal of improvement. Especially when you’re feeling resistant to change.

Okay… now to the nuts and bolts. This list may sound daunting – but I promise you, it really isn’t.

Overwhelmed with, you know, actually running your business? Take it a piece at a time.

You don’t need to do it all at once.

A Current Customer Profile

There are many ways to go about developing this.

But I want you to first throw away any assumptions you have about your customers. Even things you believe you’ve seen with your own two eyes.

The goal here is to get facts.

Okay, so one way to gather data: ask for it. You can have customers fill out a brief survey. And that’s great – and can be very informative.

But it is also easier to simply ask for a zip code. It takes a second, and most customers won’t blink an eye at providing it.

From there, you can use a zip code lookup tool to find valuable demographic data. Household income. Household composition. Age. Race and ethnicity.

You can also develop a map to see how far customers are willing to travel.

If your website sees a reasonable amount of data, you can also look at the information there with Google Analytics. Demographics. Interests. Location. Technology they used to access your website. Top channels they use to find your website.

Now use all this to write up a customer profile. Who are your customers?

Your Current Brand Image

It’s likely you have a company name – but what about colors, a slogan, and a logo? Are there images or messages you use regularly on your marketing materials?

That’s a good start. Now gather images of every place that customers interact with your brand – digital and off-line. Look at all marketing materials – signs, ads, social networks, packaging, shopping bags, even receipts.

These are all opportunities for branding. Are you being consistent? More importantly, does it match what your customers want (or who they want to be)?

Your Current Vendors and Marketing Costs

Who are you paying for marketing? How much? For what services?

Gather all that information. To get you started, here are just a few things you may be paying for:

  • Graphic designers
  • Web designers
  • Copywriters
  • SEO experts
  • Social media managers
  • Direct marketers
  • PR firms
  • Mass email software
  • Print advertising companies
  • PPC ads
  • Video production companies
  • Radio marketing firms

Now put it all in a spreadsheet with columns for vendor, service, monthly cost, and monthly ROI (if you know it).

Vendor Services Monthly Cost Monthly ROI
Fred’s Graphic Design ·         Weekly images for social media $4,000 $3,000

goal without plan is just wishNow You’re Ready to Get Started

Remember, the goals of the marketing makeover process are to:

  • Define a clear vision of what your customer wants
  • Plan a strategy to deliver that, and
  • Execute your integrated marketing effort

Sometimes it’s hard to see the forest through the trees. That’s particularly true if you are very hands-on in your business.

It can often be beneficial to have an outside perspective. Look for someone with relevant experience – but also someone who doesn’t have a vested interest in promoting any one tactic over another.

After all, your web designer is likely to say a redesign is the answer while a Yelp sales rep is likely to tout Yelp ads as the right choice. You need a professional but unbiased opinion.

Get more help with a guided discovery with me or download my free ebook for more guidance.

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