You May Be Surprised What You Don’t Know about Local Search Visibility

You May Be Surprised What You Don’t Know about Local Search Visibility

by Shepard Morrow October 17, 2017

Local search is dominating.

You’ve heard it. You know about it. Maybe you’re already on board and are working on it.

But do you really understand how important local search is – or how valuable the local searcher is?

Here are a few things that may surprise you to learn about local search visibility’s importance:

Local search is the first resource for a growing number of people.

The Yellow Pages are a thing of the past!

Forget the yellow pages. Forget just driving to their nearby shopping complex. And forget asking friends and neighbors.

When people are looking for a business nearby, their first stop is increasingly a search engine.

59% of consumers use Google every month to find a local business.

And 43% of all Google searches have a local intent, according to Search Engine Land.

Your reputation still matters, of course. But it’s no longer spoken from person to person.

It’s typed out in reviews and testimonials for all to see.

Every search is a local search.

Venice – not the city, the algorithm update!

In 2012, Google released the algorithm called “Venice.” The big change this algorithm made was taking into account the searcher’s physical location as a variable.

That means someone searching in Florida gets different results from someone in Massachusetts. Even if they input the exact same search.

So even though only 20% of searches include specific location-based keywords, most commonly a city or town name, other searches are still impacted.

Studies estimate that an additional 23% searches have local intent, but rely on Google to return local search results organically.

Remember, location is a consideration – even for the remaining 57% of searches.

Local searches have a different rank.

local search visibility - google 3-packYou have likely heard about the importance of appearing on the first page of search results. Few people move past it.

But local searches have another sort of ranking that matters: the local 3-pack.

This is even more prominent than just having a first page search result. It is the map and three businesses that appear above the regular search results.

Here is an example:

Being listed here requires more than simply optimizing your site for local keywords. You also need to have a consistent NAP (name, address, and phone number) profile.

This involves keeping web directories, map sites, review sites, and other third-party sites consistent and up-to-date.

A visit to your website increases the likelihood of a call or visit to your location.

78% of local searches made on a mobile device result in an offline purchase.

And half the battle is getting them to click on your result and land on your business.

After finding a local business on their smartphone, 61% of consumers will call. 59% will visit.

Local search visibility isn’t enough. You also need to draw them in – using just that brief description tag and your reviews.

All aspects of your internet marketing strategy have to work together. That’s why one tactic alone rarely yields significant results. It must be backed with a cohesive plan – and tracked for results.

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