Why Every Local Business Needs a Local SEO Strategy

Why Every Local Business Needs a Local SEO Strategy

by Shepard Morrow October 18, 2017

Consider Venice. No, not the city, the algorithm update!

Do you have a single location serving just one neighborhood? Or maybe a franchise with hundreds of locations across the nation?

Either way, your focus should be the same: local search visibility.

In fact, if it’s not already, you’re behind the curve. How far behind? Think 2012.

That’s when Google launched the algorithm update named “Venice”.

This update started showing results based on your location. Even if you didn’t use any location-based words in your search.

Here’s what that means in a nutshell:

When someone in New York searches for “burger joint,” they will get different results than someone in Florida. They may even get different results than someone in the same city but in a different neighborhood.

That matters – in a big way – for any business with any location or service area restrictions.

local seo strategyLet’s say you have a cookie delivery company that ships anywhere in the United States. Because you’re dealing with such a broad geographic region, it’s possible you overlooked city and state keywords in your SEO strategy.

This could be a big mistake. Your competition isn’t just other national cookie delivery companies, but also local cookie delivery companies.

If there’s a company with great local search visibility in a particular city and state… that inevitably means you’ll be lower on the rung. Even though you could deliver quality products just as fast.

Often, I see companies who are aware of the opposite effect. They get a boost in their local area – even though they ship nationwide or even worldwide.

They’re seeing a higher percentage of website visits from searchers in the place where their headquarters are based. That’s because they likely have optimized their website for that local area – even unintentionally.

After all, your company address likely appears on your website, maybe even multiple times.

Now imagine if you got that same local search visibility boost from other areas of the country. That would make a big difference, right?

It means a shift in your SEO strategy from an industry focus to an industry and location focus.

And you’ll want to consider multiple methods to improve your local search visibility:

  • Local listings and maps
  • Local organic search results
  • Local paid click ads

The way you implement your local SEO strategy will depend on a number of factors, including your current search rank, your current website, and your industry.

Remember, your local search visibility is just one piece of the puzzle – make sure it fits in with what the rest of your business is doing and your customer needs. Otherwise, it’s just another shot in the dark – a tactic with no strategy behind it.

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