Local Search Rank

Why Every Local Business Needs a Local SEO Strategy

by Shepard Morrow October 18, 2017 Local Search Rank

Do you have a single location serving just one neighborhood? Or maybe a franchise with hundreds of locations across the

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You May Be Surprised What You Don’t Know about Local Search Visibility

by Shepard Morrow October 17, 2017 Local Search Rank

Local search is dominating. You’ve heard it. You know about it. Maybe you’re already on board and are working on

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What You Don’t Know about Mobile and Local Search May Surprise You

by Shepard Morrow June 21, 2017 Local Search Rank

By now, you may already know that mobile search is important. You’re aware that the mobile customer is someone you

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Improve Your Local Search Rank with This Often Overlooked Tactic

by Shepard Morrow June 21, 2017 Featured, Local Search Rank

You’ve optimized your website copy for keywords and keyword variations. Ensured your site loads quickly. Included keyword-rich META tags. Used

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