Marketing Makeovers

5 Reasons Your Business Needs a Marketing Makeover

by Shepard Morrow October 16, 2017 Marketing Makeovers

Can you imagine doubling or tripling your sales? I’ve seen it happen with better utilization of technology. That’s what a

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Ready to Start Your Marketing Makeover? Here’s What You Need

by Shepard Morrow October 15, 2017 Marketing Makeovers

In my guided consultations, clients often ask… “What do I need to do to get started with my marketing makeover?”

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Is Your Industry  Being Impacted by Digital Disruption? 6 Signs to Watch For

by Shepard Morrow October 14, 2017 Marketing Makeovers

I’m not sharing news when I say that technology is changing the game for businesses – in a big way.

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The Common Inventory Problem That’s Killing Your Bottom Line and ROI

by Shepard Morrow June 21, 2017 Marketing Makeovers

Your inventory is slow-moving. Products are getting carried over year-to-year. As a result, inventory levels are consistently rising. And your

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How the Retail Brand Experience Is Changing… and How to Keep Up

by Shepard Morrow June 21, 2017 Featured, Marketing Makeovers

I want you the think about your favorite retail brand. A company you interact with at least weekly. In what

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