More Effective Marketing

How Marketing Makeovers Increase Sales for Businesses

Growth Strategy

Marketing Makeovers spur business growth. They’re all about increasing sales.

Maximize Digital ROI

Prioritize your marketing budget. Develop a plan and improve your ROI.

Local Search

Increase visibility, generate leads, and bring in more foot traffic.

What Is a Marketing Makeover?

“What changed?”

Your business has survived for years – maybe decades. You deliver great services and products. You have a good reputation.

But sales have stagnated… or even declined recently. And now you’re wondering, “What changed?”

The answer is likely: your customers. 

Technology is changing many industries at a rapid pace. And it can be hard to keep up.

To succeed, you need to reconnect what your business does with what your audience wants.

This means assessing your current marketing strategies. Better understanding your target customers. Looking at how your brand is communicated. Analyzing your operations.

I call this holistic process a “marketing makeover”.

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What Does a Marketing Makeover Involve?

It starts when the business owner sees a problem. It can be as simple as noting a downtick in sales. Or maybe inventory piling up.

Here is where people typically go for the “quick fix”.

Maybe they call an internet marketing agency. Or their local Yellow Pages. They employ a particular tactic or set of tactics. They see what happens.

Sometimes they get results. But more often, they’ve wasted money. And that’s usually also followed by feelings of disconnection, disappointment, and maybe even resentment of their business.

Where did the business they envisioned go? Why didn’t they achieve success? Because they don’t really understand the cause of the problem. The source of the disconnect between their business and their customers.

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Discover the Problem - and Build a Growth Strategy

It is possible to get to the root of the problem. In fact, it’s easier than ever.

And doing so can help you rekindle the joy and passion for your business you had in the first place.

It can help you to build the business you originally envisioned. Achieve the lifestyle you envisioned.

A marketing makeover involves diving deep into your business, your customers, and your competition.

It starts with data gathering and detailed analysis. Then – and only then – do you formulate a strategy.

And that strategy should involve both short-term goals – to capitalize on opportunities available to you today –and tracking to ensure you’ve achieved those goals

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The Results of a Marketing Makeover

A marketing makeover empowers you to:

Keep up with changes in client needs over time
Adapt to changes in technology
Keep up with offerings and innovations from competitors
Allocate the right portion of your budget for marketing to find new customers
Focus on your retail brand
Purchase merchandise with a customer focus
Address problems caused by disintermediation

It can not only revitalize your business – but also revitalize you.

You can go through the process alone – but you may benefit from an outside perspective. Sign up for a guided discovery with me. Or download my free ebook for more guidance.