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What Is a Retail Marketing Makeover – and How It Gets Results

A retail marketing makeover can answer this key question:

Why are your digital marketing campaigns not significantly impacting your in-store brick and mortar retail locations?

I know many retailers who are baffled by that question. They’re doing the work. Why aren’t they getting the results?

The difference is in how they go about that work. You have to approach your digital marketing – or any marketing, for that matter – with a strategy. Or it will fall flat.

I’ve coined a term for this process: the marketing makeover. And here I’ll walk you through the different steps, specifically as they apply to retailers.

These are the building blocks of a successful retail marketing makeover.

The 4 Steps of the Retail Marketing Makeover

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Marketing Assessment
Target Customer Profiles
Operational Audit
Plan and Prioritize

A retail marketing makeover should start with an exploration of where the company is going right and where it is going wrong in winning customer dollars. After all, you can’t know what to change and how to prioritize if you don’t understand your current situation.

Tempted to skip this step? Don’t. Really, don’t. It’s the most important step in the entire process.

That’s true even if you did something similar when your business started. Or just a few years ago.

That’s because the retail landscape changes rapidly today. Consumers are more informed. They have more choices.

Technology has made this possible. Communication, information, knowledge, and resources are readily available at our fingertips. And that can make for quick shifts in consumer behavior.

On top of that, the retail value chain is unbundling. Disintermediation is taking hold in many industries.

What was true when you first looked at the retail landscape may be turned on its head by now.

That doesn’t mean what you have now isn’t working. Or isn’t valuable. But you need to know what is working – and what isn’t.

Then you need to rethink how you create, capture, and find the best uses for your assets.

The assessment phase of the retail marketing makeover should include, at the very least:

  • Store sales review
  • Competitor analysis
  • Customer data gathering
  • ROI of current marketing strategies
  • SEO audit (including a review of Google Analytics, site meta tags, ranking keywords, and landing pages)
  • Brand review (how your brand is communicated through your website, social media, employees, street signage, business cards, brochures, and even your physical store layout)

In my experience, the top cause of a stagnant or declining retail business is a disconnect between what the company is delivering and what the customers want.

In the marketing assessment stage, you develop a good view of that first part of the equation. Now you can use that data to build a vivid picture of the second part: the customer.

You can mine the data you gathered during the assessment to build a lifestyle profile of your best customers who remain a growth opportunity for you.

You can also build a profile for customers you’d like to target. Sometimes retailers are surprised by who is not coming to their store – and once they see that, they can take steps to get them in the door.

Does your current business model make the most efficient use of your business’s resources, attention, and time?

What about your personal resources, attention, and time as the owner?

An operational audit can help you better allocate capital and expenses.It can allow you to recognize how to differentiate and win in the market.

An operational audit looks at, among other things:

  • Point-of-sale
  • Inventory management
  • Sales and expenses
  • Organizational structure

Your goal should be to develop critical, distinctive capabilities that work together to reinforce your business model.

Here are three common types of business models to consider:

  • Operational Excellence
  • Product/Brand Leadership
  • Customer Solutions

Now for the fun part of the retail marketing makeover!

You have all the data you need, so you can build a plan. Prioritize that plan. Then execute it.

My motto is: small moves, smartly made.

Test. Scale. Incorporate the most successful ideas as the long-term foundation for your evolving retail business.

This plan can include a number of things, such as:

  • Social media engagement
  • Events
  • Email marketing
  • Employee training
  • Blog posts
  • Outsourcing and staffing changes

Ready for this step?

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Don’t Skip Steps

The most common mistake I see in a retail marketing makeover is putting the last step first. They try to build a plan without doing the legwork. They’re all tactics – and no strategy.

That’s why so many internet marketing agencies fail to get results. And why so many retailers walk away thinking that digital marketing is ineffective – or feel baffled why it’s working for others and not them.

You need a complete picture of your business and your customers before you should make changes. Then those changes will be money well-invested – and your retail business will reap the rewards.

The Results of a Marketing Makeover

A marketing makeover empowers you to:

Keep up with changes in client needs over time
Adapt to changes in technology
Keep up with offerings and innovations from competitors
Allocate the right portion of your budget for marketing to find new customers
Focus on your retail brand
Purchase merchandise with a customer focus
Address problems caused by disintermediation

It can not only revitalize your business – but also revitalize you.

You can go through the process alone – but you may benefit from an outside perspective. Sign up for a guided discovery with me. Or download my free ebook for more guidance.