Effective Online Marketing

Retail Marketing Online Works – Even If You Don’t Believe It

Today’s  “phone books”

Years ago, when people wanted to find a particular product, they would turn to the phone book. Today, their “phone books” are search engines, business directories, and review sites.

  • 97% of people start their search for local retail businesses online.
  • 90% use search engines to do so.
  • 80% trust online reviews as much as recommendations from friends.

Stats like these impress some – and frustrate others.

If search is so great, why aren’t you getting your fair share of it?

After all, you’ve hired an SEO company. An internet marketing company. A blogger. A social media expert.

But: crickets.

I’ve seen it again and again. The difference between success and failure with retail marketing online is the legwork.

I call the process a “marketing makeover”.

You don’t jump to tactics. Instead, you start by looking at where your business is today. Where you customers are today. Where your competitors are today.

You uncover any disconnect between what your company delivers and what customers want. And you also look at the disconnect between what you envisioned for your business and your lifestyle – and what your reality is.

Then you can employ tactics to bridge those divides. Sometimes it also means making changes to the way your business is run.

But the difference is: it works. And it can help reignite your passion for your business – and empower you to have the lifestyle you want.

I’ll share an example of how it works.

How Retail Marketing Online Can Impact a Business

A shoe store has a loyal customer base – but their sales are stagnant.

They hire all the usual suspects. They try blogs. Social media. Newsletters. SEO. Online ads.

If you can think of a retailer marketing online tactic, they’ve tried it.

And it failed.

They’re starting to think this whole retail marketing online thing is a crock.

Fortunately, they hook up with an expert who encourages them to go through a marketing makeover process.

It starts with an in-depth look at their business, customers, and competitors.

They uncover the real cause of their problem: current customers love them. But they aren’t reaching any new customers.

Now they can approach those old tactics with a new approach.

They know the problem. They can create a strategy to tackle it.

They create local search listings in business directories and on review sites as their first step to retail marketing online.

People already interested in buying shoes now have a new way to learn about the store.

But how do they convince those people to shop at their store instead of the other shoe stores listed on that directory?

Tap into that existing loyal customer base.

They run promotions. Encourage current customers to write reviews. Follow and “like” them on social media. And so on.

Suddenly, the store is busy! Many traveling longer distances than ever before because of all the good things they’ve read.

It worked. Because they weren’t just throwing tactics at a wall.

They had a specific objective. And they took specific steps to reach it.

Retail Marketing Online Can Be a Cost-Effective Way to Attract and Retain Customers – If You Do It Right

A local online retail marketing campaign can:

Make it easier for potential customers to find you
Bring people already interested in your products to your store
Attract people to your retail location from outside of your normal marketing radius
Encourage sales because you’re seen as trustworthy
Tap into more ways to reach your target customer

Often, an outside perspective is needed. Consider a guided discovery with me – or download my free ebook to get more details about the process.